How long will my tan last?


This is dependent on your skin type. Some skins shed more cells on a daily basis therefore for these people the tan will last for a shorter length of time than those who shed at a lower rate. The average length of time is approximately 1 week. Moisturising will help prolong your tan. Please read post treatment advice for other tips.


Will I tan through my sunless tan?


The answer is yes! You must always apply your usual sunscreen as UV rays always travel through your sunless tan.


How can I prolong my tan?


Moisturise frequently. The way the tan works is to dye the top layer of your skin. The happier your skin is the longer it will stay on you’re for. Products are also available to purchase that will boost and prolong your tan. Please see product shop.


What happens if I smudge my tan?


The product that has been used is a professional solution. It is not an over the counter product. It is therefore very forgiving. My recommendation is always to leave the area to develop for the full 8 hours as originally planned. In most cases this is normally fine. Even of the guide colour has looked considerably smudged, when that tan has developed and my client has showered the next day the mark has disappeared. Most famous case so far;

‘Emma, my dog has licked my leg! I have a white line straight up my leg. What can I do?!’

When I managed to calm her down, I told her to leave it etc…… When I rang her the next day it was totally fine! I did wonder if the dog had a brown tongue! LOL x


Will the tan affect my nail extensions?


A thick layer of Vaseline can be applied to the nails just before you step into the booth. This will act as a barrier between the solution and the nails. This can then be immediately wiped off after the tan has been applied, therefore leaving the nails totally unaffected.



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