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Most importantly – relax. Alot of my first time customers feel nervous. Really there is no need. It can be quite fun and enjoyable experience. Especially if you’re doing it with friends. And the results are truly amazing! You feel healthier, more confident and your clothes look great with a tan!


You will need to thoroughly exfoliate 24 hours before you receive your tan.


The best way to do this is as follows;


Soak in a nice warm bath for 15-20 minutes before you start. This way your skin is nice and soft.

Then start to exfoliate combining an exfoliating wash with a glove or a mitt. Focus on areas such as hands, elbows, knees and feet.


You will need to use a specific exfoliating wash on your face as the skin is more delicate in this region.

After drying apply a light moisturizer. A heavy cream will act as a barrier, if you do not apply any your skin may become dry and flaky and your tan will fade more quickly. Again work plenty into hands elbows knees and feet.

You are now ready for your tan tomorrow!


Do not moisturise on the day of your tan unless you have incredibly dry skin as this can act as a barrier between your skin and your tan.


Deodorants can turn your guide colour green. This will not affect your tan that develops over the 8 hours. When you shower off your guide colour the next day the green will wash away. But if you do not wish to have this green colour in the mean time I advise you wash off your deodorant before receiving your tan.

Waxing must be done at least 48 hrs before your tan. This is because it can leave pores and hair follicles very open. The tan can then rest in these open pores and leave black dots.





Have loose clothing ready to put on after your tan. Solution is applied with precision where required. Therefore you will not be dripping afterwards. I also dry you with some warm air. But still, the last thing you want to be doing in putting your skinny jeans back on. Anything that rubs in one particular area such as bra straps may leave a mark.

DO NOT touch your tan with your hands after. Care and attention will have been paid to the application of your tan to ensure that none is sprayed into the palms of your hands. By touching your skin after the tan you risk having brown palms of hands. This is never a good look.


To help prolong your tan it is important to moisturise regularly. The tan works by dying the top layer of your skin. Therefore the happier your skin – the longer it will stay on you!


Approximately the 4th day of your tan you may wish to start gently exfoliating your skin whiles showering. This helps the tan to wear nice and evenly. And don’t forget to moisturise after.


You may wish to purchase a cream from us which contains a small amount of the professional solution. It works in the same way as your gradual moisturisers but has what I call a little more ‘poke’ to it! You can really see that the colour has considerably more depth to it after one application. This bottle of cream will last for some time and you can use it without having a tan first. I have alot of customers who buy just this off me all year round. When applied correctly it is totally streak and patch free. I will talk you through and easy professional application. Please look at product shop for prices.


You may also wish to purchase a touch up spray. This is the same professional solution that has been applied but in a pressurised can. The beauty of it is that it has a ‘guide colour’ to it. So you can see exactly where you have and haven’t sprayed. Again I will talk you through and easy and fool proof application. I have regular customers who again, purchase this product all year round. Some of who when they first came to me said there was no way they could apply fake tan to themselves. Yet after a few demonstrations from me they are a total wiz at it! Again this will last you some time and is ideal for example in the winter on an occasion where you will be wearing trousers or tights and simply want golden face, arms and décolletage. Please look at product shop for details. 

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